Protect Your Information From Prying Eyes

As more and more consumers search for financial information on the Internet, they may inadvertently leave themselves open to being “tracked” by certain companies and individuals. Visitors to financial Websites have created a large mass of informa...

Getting/Newly Married

Calling All Newlyweds: How to Get a Financial Head Start

If you are newly married with no children, you may have a special opportunity to build your savings and investments. In this article, we outline four financial “I do’s” each newly married couple should consider.


What Job Seekers Should Know About Background Checks

Background checks allow companies to evaluate potential employees and assess whether a candidate is the right choice. As an applicant, it is important to understand the various laws and regulations you are protected by, as well as what information…


Be on the Lookout for Scams Around Tax Time

As the tax deadline creeps up on us, identity thieves continue to ramp up their efforts to take advantage of our personal information. Here are some tips on how to best protect yourself.

Credit & Debt

The Lure of Credit Cards – The Minimum Payment Trap

One primary factor contributing to the savings problem in America is the continued reliance on credit cards to purchase things one wants but does not necessarily need. Here is an example of the long-term impact of falling into the minimum payment tra...

College prep

Student Spending in College: A Beneficial Course in Budget Basics

One extracurricular activity that every student should master before heading off to college is personal money management. Typically, a student’s day-to-day spending is done on an ad-lib basis, meaning that overspending is the norm, rather than the ...

Money Management

Six Ways a Budget Can Help Boost Your Savings

Students and young adults have all heard about the importance of developing a budget. But, do they know why a budget is so important? Or Perhaps they simply spend what they must and save whatever’s left over. In either case, given the limits of the...

Fun Facts

How Many Cups of Coffee Do Americans Drink Each Day

Ever wonder what the typical coffee habits of U.S. adults are? Here we highlight the average number of cups of coffee Americans drink each day.

Loss of a Loved One

Coping with the Financial Challenges of Losing a Spouse

When you lose your spouse, evaluating your finances may take a back seat to more pressing concerns. But even amid the grief that accompanies the death of a loved one, it is important to assess your financial and legal situation to avoid making any ra...


Your Television Might Be Spying On You

Those internet-connected devices can be a gateway for hackers. We tend to think relaxing with our smart TV and favorite show wouldn’t necessarily be a security risk, think again.

Credit & Debt

Keeping On Top Of Your Credit Rating

The use of credit in today’s world is pervasive. People charge meals in restaurants and purchases in boutique shops, pay for appliances on the installment plan and obtain loans to buy homes and automobiles, take vacations, and pay for schooling. Th...

Credit & Debt

Crack the Code on Credit Scores

We break down the factors utilized to calculate credit scores and the actions you can take that have the greatest impact. Maintaining a high credit score is essential to good financial health and can have long-term benefits.

Money Management

10 Money Mistakes Millennials Should Avoid

Many millennials, even those with good educations and solid careers, are making financial mistakes. And some are making them over and over, digging a hole from which it may take years to climb out.

College prep

Education: One of the best Investments You Can Make

It wasn’t long ago when an individual went to college, got an education, and embarked on one career that usually lasted a lifetime. Many companies provided on-the-job training, and little emphasis was put on the idea of going back to school to cont...

Fun Facts

America’s Fastest Drive-Thrus

In a hurry this weekend? Check out our list of America’s fastest drive-thrus to help ensure you’re not stuck in line the next time you are hungry.