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Foundations for Successful Investing Part 4: How Markets Work

In our 4th video in our Foundations for Successful Investing series, we discover how financial markets operate. Ever wonder how to purchase a stock or a bond? Or who you are actually buying it from? In this video, we explain the roles of buyers and sellers, how prices are determined, and how investments are purchased.

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Your Personal Digital Life is Not Alright – Let’s Change That for Good

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual collaboration between government and private industry to raise awareness about digital security. But in today’s expansive threat landscape, having awareness is not nearly enough to protect you and your family from cyber criminals who are intent on compromising wealth, data, access, reputation, and more for personal gain. BlackCloak’s Devin Archer led a conversation about how to protect your personal digital life in this era of unprecedented digital risk.

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Strategies for College Admissions

Schools are being more selective in their admissions process and with increasing competition securing one of the few available slots is not easy. But students who understand what colleges are looking for and adequately prepare for the admissions process have a distinct edge. Whether you are just starting high school or getting ready to graduate, Erin Goodnow, co-founder and CEO of Going Ivy will discuss how students can make themselves competitive and compelling to the most selective schools.

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Creating Your Digital Footprint

Katey McPherson has spoken at numerous national conferences with an expertise in the areas of digital citizenship, social media responsibility, screen time impact and child development. Be smart with your social media platform; learn how to use it to promote yourself and use it as an asset.

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

2020 was a challenging year that brought on isolation, changes to how we work and live, and stresses over maintaining good health. In this webinar, Katie Bloom, a Phoenix based mental health professional, reminds us that it’s okay to not be okay and provides coping mechanisms to promote mental wellness during challenging times.

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Foundations for Successful Investing Part 1: Why Invest

The first step towards investing is first understanding its importance and the role it should play in your financial plan. In this short video we will walk you through how investing works, how it grows over time and why you should start early.

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Foundations for Successful Investing Part 2: Loaning

Learn what it means to invest in a bond and how bonds work.

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Foundations for Successful Investing Part 3: Owning

Review what it means to own a stock and how stocks are priced.