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Our Most Recent Financial Life Learning Pieces

Financial learning never-ends. And because working towards your financial and life goals takes discipline, courage, and conviction, TFO Life Academy is continuously creating new educational pieces for various life moments. Here are some of our more recent news items and insights.

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At TFO Life Academy, we believe that…

Learning and implementing healthy financial habits shouldn’t be difficult or cumbersome.

According to a study done by the Council for Economic Education1, those exposed to mandated personal finance education made better personal financial decisions than their peers with little to no exposure. Understanding the long-term benefits of knowing and implementing healthy financial habits, we believe it’s our obligation to equip our clients and their families with the tools necessary for success.

Our education program, TFO Life Academy, focuses on providing individuals with the tools and skills to help manage their finances and work towards financial well-being.

We strive to help learners:

  • Understand the impact of financial choices
  • Incorporate informed financial decisions
  • Set financial and personal goals in planning for the future
  • Manage various challenges associated with life events
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1 Cole, Shawn, Anna Paulson, and Gauri Kartini Shastry. High school curriculum and financial outcomes: The impact of mandated personal finance and mathematics courses. Journal of Human Resources 51.3 (2016): 656-698 https://www.councilforeconed.org/impact/”
Next-Gen Financial Learning

Life Academy proud to launch RightTrak. A new self-paced online financial education curriculum.

RightTrak is a financial education curriculum specifically designed to help high school students, college students, and young adults of our client families learn the fundamental foundations of wealth.

Through an enjoyable and customized user experience complete with games, assignments, video lessons, quizzes, scenarios, and much more, we make financial learning fun, and in the process, can help pass down lifelong lessons which can lead to financial independence and success.

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As part of our mission to being more for our client families, RightTrak is an engaging, gamified financial learning program for next-gen learners. Play the video above to see how we’ve made financial learning fun for your younger family members.

Our Mission

Our program strives to provide financial education and life skills to help learners of all ages be independent and successful.

We help accomplish this mission by offering different levels of Life Academy, each designed to help you better understand the fundamental foundations of managing money and life transitions.


Frequent webinar and in-person events to further your “Life” Learning

Our Life Academy team is always busy thinking about new webinar events and in-person workshops bringing subject matter experts on various financial and life topics.



Customized learning programs based on level of experience and needs are delivered in a small group or one-on-one setting with one of our financial coaches.


A group passionate about furthering financial and life education for all age groups.


The TFO Life Academy Team

Our Life Academy Professionals share their experience and expertise to help individuals maximize their personal and financial capital and live purposefully.

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The Firm Behind TFO Life Academy

TFO Life Academy was formed in direct response to the needs and goals of the families our registered investment advisory firm, TFO Family Office Partners, serves.