Career Day with Charlie Adkins

It’s Career Day, check out Charlie Adkins as he tells us what it takes to become a Manager of Football Analytics & Research – Listen to the Podcast.

Foundation for Successful Investing

See the highlights of our Investment Program.
Video 1: Why Invest?
Video 2: Loaning
Video 3: Owning
Video 4: How Markets Work

The Princeton Review 1400+ SAT Score
Princeton Review

Listen to one student’s experience with the Princeton Review SAT 1400+ Course as he talks about the pros and cons and reveals whether or not the program worked. Then, decide if the investment is the right path for you.

Home Sweet Home

Most people dream of owning a home but making such a huge financial commitment can feel overwhelming. Learn about what buyers should consider before making the big purchase.

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Career Day

Each quarter we will invite a visitor to share their experiences and discuss the education and skills required to obtain their dream job.

Teaching to Give

There are different ways to teach children about charity. Engaging your rising generation in philanthropy is a great way to pass on your values, deepen family relationships and help them connect with their community.

Making an Impact with a Social Enterprise – Old Skool Café

Old Skool Café is a social enterprise started by Teresa Goines. It is a youth run supper club focused on giving youth a second chance. In this podcast, not only will you learn about an impactful organization, but you will also learn what it takes to start your own nonprofit.

Navigating the College Planning Process

With thousands of colleges to choose from, selecting a school that is the right fit can feel overwhelming. Ensuring you understand the admissions process is critical to getting into your top choice schools. Then, finding ways to maximize your scholarship opportunities minimizes stress over the increasing costs. In this podcast series, hear what Karin Moffitt, an experienced private college counselor, has to say to help you navigate through the college planning process!

TFO Phoenix Personal Money Stories: Keep Investing Simple but Smart

Chuck Carroll, TFO Phoenix’s Chief Investment Officer, describes why effective investing isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it might seem. Simple actions like understanding your purpose, diversifying, controlling your costs, and managing your behavior can go a long way toward creating a successful investment experience.

Crack the Code on Credit Scores

Director of TFO Life Academy Kim Llumiquinga breaks down the factors utilized to calculate credit scores and the actions that have the greatest impact.  She reminds us that maintaining a high credit score is essential to good financial health and can have long-term benefits.

Save Early and Save Often

TFO Phoenix team members Brittany Genzale and Connor Humphrey explain how making the sacrifice to invest in your retirement early on may help put you on a path to financial security as you benefit from the impactful power of compounding.

Budgeting and Planning Lead to Financial Freedom

TFO Phoenix team members Tabitha Daly and David Bloom discuss the benefits of budgeting and how having a plan for spending allows for better decisions and reduces financial stress.

TFO Life Academy Learning Tools

Utilize these TFO Life Academy developed tools to move you forward on the path to independence.

Ins and Outs of Internships

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time.  Danielle is a senior at ASU.  She has had several internships including one here at TFO.  Danielle will explain how she prepared for her internships, why she finds them invaluable and what she learned from her experiences.

10 Healthy Financial Habits

Make it a goal to adopt a healthy habit or two and be on your way to greater financial well-being.

Creating Your Digital Footprint

Katey McPherson has spoken at numerous national conferences with an expertise in the areas of digital citizenship, social media responsibility, screen time impact and child development. Be smart with your social media platform; learn how to use it to promote yourself and use it as an asset.

Put the Odds in Your Favor: Smart Investing

The 4th module of our Investment Program discusses the things that are in our control that may impact our success as investors.

Cybersecurity & Our Digital World

Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO & Founder of BlackCloak, shares simple things we can do to protect ourselves and prevent us from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Dress for Success

Rebekah Floyd is an image consultant. She talks about how first impressions matter and how we can balance our personal identity while remaining professional.

Digital Candy and Vegetables

Katey MacPherson has spoken at numerous national conferences with an expertise in the areas of digital citizenship, social media responsibility, screen time impact and child development. What I learned from her is that all screen time is not bad screen time.

Take Our