Given the important functions a trustee serves in the care and control of trust property and the relationship they have to beneficiaries of a trust, the selection of a trustee should not be taken lightly. In this webinar, Donald Scott discusses the various roles a trustee fills, the options that are available when selecting a trustee, various factors to consider, as well as the benefits and challenges of these various options.

Schools are being more selective in their admissions process and with increasing competition securing one of the few available slots is not easy. But students who understand what colleges are looking for and adequately prepare for the admissions process have a distinct edge. Whether you are just starting high school or getting ready to graduate, Erin Goodnow, co-founder and CEO of Going Ivy will discuss how students can make themselves competitive and compelling to the most selective schools.

TFO Phoenix team members Chuck Carroll and Damon Miller discuss the implications of different inflationary environments and the potential increase in income tax rates on stock market returns as well as provide their thoughts about how to structure your investment portfolio amidst the uncertainty of the current environment.

TFO Life Academy Director Kim Llumiquinga recently held a webinar to discuss a variety of ways that parents can engage with their rising generation members to cultivate their skills, increase their confidence, and set them on a path to independence. Watch the video recording by clicking WATCH below:

2020 was a challenging year that brought on isolation, changes to how we work and live, and stresses over maintaining good health. In this webinar, Katie Bloom, a Phoenix based mental health professional, reminds us that it’s okay to not be okay and provides coping mechanisms to promote mental wellness during challenging times.

Investing can feel like an intimidating topic, with lots of data, jargon and balding men shouting at us from the TV screen. The fourth module in our boot camp series seeks to help young investors be more confident by focusing on critical elements of a successful investment experience that the investor can control: risks, costs and behavior.

In this interactive workshop, we will dive into how to create a digital footprint that cultivates personal safety, digital citizenship and leadership, while also curating your own brand and cause for use as a futuristic tool. We will explore the inner workings of social media, the good, bad, and ugly and how participants can use it to pursue opportunities and career paths while protecting your greatest asset -your personal safety, person, and future!

Learn about the foundations for smart investing. Making smart investment decisions is an important part of a successful financial strategy, yet it’s easy to be intimidated by the complex jargon often thrown around in the financial media. In this event Chuck Carroll, TFO Phoenix’s Chief Investment Officer, discussed why investing is important, the difference between owning and loaning and how financial markets work.  View these short videos that highlights these investing concepts.

One of your greatest assets is your youth. Using your youth to your advantage and making the right decisions today could mean greater freedom tomorrow. We are going to discuss a few good habits you can adopt into your current financial life which may make the difference between just getting by or having the freedom to do the things your heart desires.

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