Apps & Digital Services

  • Cancel apps you no longer use.
  • Pre-load apps as part of your budget.
  • Delete online shopping apps (i.e., Target, Amazon) to avoid the temptation.
  • Cut back on streaming services.


  • Instead of buying things in the moment, use the store's app or website to allow you to think before buying.
  • Eliminate “Convenience Spending” by committing to not use certain services for a period of time (i.e., Door Dash, Insta Cart).
  • Buy One, Lose One: Sell items before buying new ones.
  • Involve children early in shopping and costs.
  • Sleep on large purchases and if married, set a $ limit not to exceed before spending.
  • If married, discuss and agree on values and what to spend on (i.e., hair).
  • Break-even mentality: Not spending all.
  • Use brand-affiliated credit cards (for benefits, discounts, rewards – but pay them off).


  • Eliminate food waste by using old veggies in soup or a stir-fry.
  • Have a special night to go out and go “all out”, then cook at home the rest of the week.

Financial Accounts

  • Start paying a “car” payment into an account and buy the car with cash saved vs. financing. The side benefit is that the account can serve as an emergency fund.
  • Invest $ into your retirement account, especially if your employer provides a match.
  • Set up a joint account for balancing frugal fatigue.
  • If married and you have separate bank accounts, allocate a portion to a joint savings account on a regular basis.


  • Use mail envelopes that have no writing on them for scratch paper.
  • Use both sides of printer paper.
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