At our March learning event, Budgets and Bucket Lists, we asked our clients to share some of their best savings and smart spending ideas. Some are practical and others are clever. See what you might be able to do to improve your own financial well-being.

To have a career in the art world, you don’t have to be an artist. Listen to one person’s path to becoming an art dealer in New York, one of the largest art meccas in the world.

Coming Back from COVID We Are Excited to Bring Back Our Workshops Focused On“Living Your Best Life”!

When you think of a life well lived, what comes to mind? While it is important to have financial security, most people that look back on their life do not focus on their accumulation of wealth, but rather it is often the meaningful relationships cultivated, life adventures experienced, personal accomplishments achieved, and the legacy left behind.

Our Living Your Best Life series focuses on different components of life that bring us meaning. Each quarter, we will address topics to encourage you to take action toward achieving a life well lived.

This year’s topics include:

Get Financially Fit
(Financial Wellness)
Budgets & Bucket Lists: Living in the NOW
Make Healthy Connections
(Networks & Relationships)
Relationship Green Flags: Cultivating Connected Relationships
Cultivate Your Identity Capital
(Personal & Professional Growth)
How are you Wyrd?:
Aligning your accomplishments, interests, and skill
Thrive Your SELF
(Health & Wellbeing)
Taking the Leap:
Cultivating your independence



Budgets & Bucket Lists: Living in the NOW

Balancing the needs and wants of the present you and future you can be challenging. The starting line requires understanding your priorities and aligning them with your finances. Establish mindful spending and savings practices and set the right financial intentions to feel more in control and fulfilled.


In this session we will address:

  • How to maximize your budget
  • How to fit in the fun stuff without the guilt
  • Tips and Tricks to help you achieve your financial goal

In our 4th video in our Foundation for Successful Investing series we discover how financial markets operate. Ever wonder how to purchase a stock or a bond? Or who you are actually buying it from? In this video we explain the roles of buyers and sellers, how prices are determined, and how investments are purchased.

Listen to one student’s experience with the Princeton Review SAT 1400+ Course as he talks about the pros and cons and reveals whether or not the program worked. Then, decide if the investment is the right path for you.

Take Our